Reasons NFL Football Is World’s Greatest Sport

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but football has become America’s sport.

It is the most popular sport in the country and continues to grow each year. The NFL dominates Sunday television like no other event. It is one of the few sports where a mass majority of the fans are willing to watch any game, not just the game involving their favorite marketplace semarang team.

The rules have changed over the years, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. However, football has never lost that magic that has made it the king of sports in the United States.

Why is football so great?

The NFL is home to some of the best athletes in the world.

What is even more amazing is that their skill sets vary so much from player to player and position to position.

You have wide receivers that can run 40 yards in a little over four seconds, and then you have linemen that can bench 250 pounds 30-plus times. You have quarterbacks that can sling a football 70 or 80 yards down the field right into the hands of a waiting receiver, and running backs that can carry defenders on their back as if they were small children. There are linebackers that can hit you hard enough to rattle your insides around, and kickers that can boot a ball through two posts from 50-plus yards away on a windy day.

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